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          Virtual Open House Registration

          The best way to get to know Barrack is to visit us.

          Our Virtual Open House events provide an opportunity for you to meet our senior administrators, hear personal testimonials from current students, and gain a fuller understanding of why our students love where they learn. 

          upcoming Virtual Open House Events
          • Wednesday, October 14
          • Friday, November 20
          • Wednesday, December 16

          If you need assistance before our next Virtual Open House or want to learn more about our school, please contact the Admissions Office at admissionsteam@jbha.org or call our main number at 610.922.2350. We are excited to hear from you!

          “Barrack not only teaches you academics and Jewish Studies—
          I have learned how to love learning and learned how to live.” 
          Jordana, Barrack 8th grader

          Thank you for your interest in Barrack. Our Admissions Team will contact you soon.

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